Preferred Guest Behavior  

As would be expected for a classical Cape Cod golf experience, guests must be aware of Club standards and certain policies.  If there is ever any doubt or question, any staff Golf Professional is willing to answer inquiries about course rules and practices.  

Use of the course is restricted to experienced players with their own personal clubs.  The course is quite challenging and for those players with limited golfing experience, caddies may be required unless playing with a Member.  Novice players must be aware the Woods Hole Golf Club course has been pace rated for little more than four hours of play by the USGA.  Course rangers will maintain a reasonable pace-of-play, which may be difficult for novice players.   To maintain the USGA pace, some groups may be required to skip a hole or holes to keep overall field pace on target.  

Dress is very important.  Men are expected to wear collared shirts with sleeves, and appropriate slacks or “Bermuda-length” shorts.  Overly casual wear such as jeans (of any color), sweat clothes, or caps worn backwards are not allowed.   

Ladies must also be appropriately and reasonably attired. Dress typically accepted at upscale clubs is likewise welcomed at Woods Hole Golf Club.       

As with almost all golf courses, metal spikes are not allowed on the course or in the Clubhouse.  The Pro Shop has several models of “soft-spike” or “no-spike” golf shoes available for purchase.  

Cell phones carry predictable and reasonable restrictions on the course and in the Clubhouse.  During play, cell phones are permitted for emergency calls with the permission of all players, but are prohibited during tournament play.  Likewise, in the Clubhouse, cell phone calls should be taken outside the dining areas.  

Clubhouse Dining daytime dress standards are the same as golf course attire.   For evening enjoyment, “dress casual attire” is acceptable.  For evening service, jackets are suggested but not required for men and young men. And at all times, men and young men should remove their hats in all dining areas. 

If unsure about any of these expectations, guests should consult their Member Host, or one of our Golf Professionals or Clubhouse Managers at (508) 540-1899 Ext 1.